Since 2017, we've been offering online personalized coding education. Check out our virtual programs on codeConnects, our virtual program initiative.

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We have the largest network of computer scientists in the US to provide the most comprehensive answer to the lack of coding education in the US.   Join our movement.


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Our organization is run completely by volunteers. From our recruitment team to our grants & partnership team, your time and skills are invaluable to maximize our impact. While we have volunteer opportunities for all interested, at present, we would greatly benefit from law and accounting expertise.

Join our teaching team and change a child’s life. We have a wide range of teaching opportunities available, from going into classrooms in cities across the country to teaching from the comfort of your own home.

We would love to bring coding to your students, whether it be through in-school, afterschool, or virtual classes. Ideally, we will be able to work together to implement coding classes into the regular school day as this is the best way to ensure all students are exposed to coding, regardless of whether they or their parents recognize the importance of it.

Partnering with The Coding School not only empowers children who would not have the chance to learn how to code otherwise, but it also provides your organization with exposure to the current top computer scientists and software engineers, as well as the next generation of innovators and creators, from around the country. We look forward to working together to have the greatest impact possible.

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