Since 2017, we've been offering online personalized coding education. Check out our virtual programs on codeConnects, our virtual program initiative.

Our Programs
In-School Programs

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In School


A 4-year long coding course for K-12 students during the school day and after school.

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Code connects


Unparalleled one-on-one coding instruction and mentorship for middle and high school students.

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Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities and Coding

Seeing learning differences as assets, not detriments.

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Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms

Bringing coding to schools never before reached

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In-School Programs

We offer 4 years of coding instruction to K – 12 students both during the school day and after-school.

Like any foreign language, coding requires long-term commitment in order to become proficient with real, usable skills. That’s why we developed a 4-year coding curriculum to ensure students receive the support to not only learn in-depth coding skills, but also learn how to think like computer scientists by using logic to solve problems.

What Students Learn

Developed by a team of software engineers at top tech companies and universities, such as SpaceX, Microsoft, and MIT, our curriculum is strategically designed to provide students with coding skills in a variety of cutting-edge fields. Each course is a year long.

Coding Concepts

of CS


Web Design




Drawing &


Coding Concepts

3D Game Development


Throughout our courses, our students learn the fundamental building blocks of programming, as well as how to apply them to real-world applications.

Coding Classes

4 Year-long Coding Classes

2+ Teachers

10:1 Student/Teacher ratio per class

School Districts We Teach In

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Ultimately, our goal is to have all our classes during the school day, as well as to increase the number of low socioeconomic communities we serve, to ensure that every student, regardless of whether they or their parents recognize the importance of coding, is exposed to computer programming.